About Primal

Premium canned food - made in New Zealand

Primal food provides your cat or dog with the best ingredients and taste for a satisfying meal. In addition to quality meats and vegetables sourced locally, each can contains NZ Green Lipped Mussel, Taurine & Co-EnzymeQ10 which benefits overall health.

Primal is proudly made in New Zealand.

Primal Canned Food

Made in New Zealand

All meat ingredients are sourced locally through NZFSA registered facilities.

Grain-free Formulas

Primal cat & dog food only contain meat, vegetables, added vitamins & minerals and natural gums required for consistency. This means all of the good stuff without grains and fillers.

No artificial colours, or flavours

Primal lets nature take care of palatibility. Each ingredient is carefully selected to form a great tasting, looking and smelling food which cats & dogs love.

Slow-cooked to perfection

Cooked at 125 degrees celcius for 65 minutes, Primal foods are bound to hit the spot.

Benefits of feeding Primal:

• High meat content is perfect for fussy eaters
• High digestibility means less waste
• Grain-free formula promotes healthy skin and coat
• No fillers, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
• Ideal for long-term feeding